About Us :

GulHadi is female startup based in Swabi, KPK. Swabi is very rich in terms of its culture and traditional crafts but being a remote area, it lacks the earning opportunities for females. The main reason for the creation of GulHadi was that the females here have the required skills and expertise but they need a proper channel and medium to showcase their talent. GulHadi provide them the platform to show their talent and earn for themselves and their families.The word GulHadi is combination of two words Gul and Hadi, Gul means flower which represent female and Hadi in Arabic means showing path. Our motto is where your skills get valued so in this regard, GulHadi took the initiative to revive and support the local craftsman to portray their work. The goal of GulHadi is to empower those females who have social restrictions and they want to earn from their home. GulHadi will be a platform where they will be taught different crafts & designing skills to equip them and to sell it online through our platform. Moreover GulHadi will provide a real time place where they can display their work to the outer world.

Purpose of GulHadi :

  • To empower the  females so they can earn for themselves.
  • To support local craftsmen and traditional crafts to revive them.
  • To promote female lead businesses.
  • To generate employment opportunities for females within home.
  • To educate females who have the skill but don’t get credit for their hard work and efforts.

What Makes Us Different?

There are other e-commerce website and business that are promoting craftsmen but there is something that makes us different from them. They are just selling their crafts and giving them a very low share whereas GulHadi aim is not just to sell crafts but also to equip the females with the skills to design unique crafts.


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