Traditional Embroidery

The word traditional is something that represents the culture  and art of specific area and gives significant difference to a country  in the race of being important  and attractive  for the foreigners. So this piece of writing  is particularly about the traditional crafts and embroidery of Pakistan.

Handicrafts and embroidery are substantial medium to preserve rich  traditional art heritage , culture traditional skills and talent. The people of Pakistan are beautifully aware of the art of playing with colors and threads to produce uniquely design crafts and embroidery. With the passage of time this hard work was replaced by machines which had revolutionized the world by saving time and generating more profit but the significance  of this god gifted  talent  can never be deny. The admirers of hand embroidery  can never  be diminish in any era. And by no doubt  this talent and skill has the power which  attracts glance towards themselves.

 If we talk about Sindh which is the land of legends and Sufi particularly is very much famous  for the canons and art work they possess intensely adore by the foreigners also. Admirably the best  quality items produce in Sindhi that they are designed by the women residing in village who narrate their endearing art through embroidery.

moreover if talk about the marvelous balochi design which are known  for their breathtaking attraction and sizzling design  the land  of pakistan  is very fertile in the sense of talent skills and hardworking people.

The sensational charm of hand embroidery has strong impact on people’s lifestyle that’s why it is a strong element in the evaluation of national economy . It provides ample opportunities for the employment even with low capital investment . Pakistan is very rich in traditional and cultural values that’s why gulhadi is providing opportunity for those women in the boundaries of their homes to earn in return of their wonderful skills and hidden treasures they have . It is a  platform which motivates and give a chance  who seek it and will nourish them with every basic need they require  . It will not only motivate  but also bring out those talents who are in the stage of their upbringing.

Handicraft sector is very creative and gulhadi will utilize their creativity in best positive way by crediting them with the best price of their choice. It’s an initiative towards a big revolution  specifically for the women so stand up  show yourself and create your own value❤

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